Netropolitan - Social network for rich peoples.

Facebook and Google+ Membership is open to anyone, but it is not the case with Netropolitan, social networking specifically for the heavy purse.

In order to be members only, the applicants have to spend to 9,000 dollars or more than USD 100 million in the first year. The cost of the "well" are in addition to the annual fee of 3,000 dollars, which must be paid if not expelled from membership.

Other requirements to join Netropolitan, as quoted from Cnet, covering at least 21 years of age and willingness to not reveal the identity of a fellow member. There is also a ban on taking screenshots.

In this way, Netropolitan ensure themselves a safe social networking once only contains rich people.

The funny thing is, Netropolitan have Facebook pages filled with scorn of the "common man".

"How do I hand over the money to you? I was hoping it costs $ 3,000 per day so that only people with wealth beyond the usual stuff really could join," quipped a Facebook user named Travis Laughlin.

Various oblique comments that allegedly arises because Netropolitan wear tagline elitist tone, such as "friends with the same social status, but outside of your social circle" and "Netropolitan: online club for people with more money than time".

Netropolitan itself was founded by the composer from New York, James Touchi-Peters. Look like Google+ social networking is more simplified, circular profiles with photos, together with notification icons, message, activity, and location information.

Netropolitan party said it had managed to collect "hundreds" of members since its launch earlier this week, but exact figures are not explained. At the time of launch, the site had mentioned Netropolitan crashes because of the many visitors who are curious as to what form of social networking "Rp 100 million" it.

Source: CNET
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